Commercial Roofing and the Swiss Army Knife – What do they have in Common?

Since it was designed in the 1880s by Swiss inventor Karl Elsener, the simple, portable Swiss Army Knife has been a staple in every military branch, fishing toolbox, boy scout handbag, survivalist backpack and so on.  It’s a single object, with numerous uses that came from one powerful idea. The only major structural change from the original […]

“The Article” – The Company will form itself around the Article

“Your Roof’s Care is Our Concern®“ At NIR, we are FOCUSED on caring for and extending the life of your Roof, all while providing outstanding services. “NIR Roof Care PlanSM“ Your NIR Roof Care PlanSM will reduce Roof leaks by 50% and increase the life of your Roof by 100%, all with a return on investment […]

Stop Throwing Your Money Away on Commercial Roof Replacement!

Stop Throwing Your Money Away on Commercial Roof Replacement! You could save $70,000 to $2,225,000 in 5 years . . . There are two things I know about you: You have a roof You will spend anywhere from $70,000 to $2,225,000 in the next 5 – 15 years on a new commercial roof that you […]

Skylights need extra care!

SKYLIGHTS – Let The Light In, But Keep The Water Out! Exposing the Secrets to Maintaining Your Skylights How can allowing warm natural light into a building space not be a great addition to a building space? Well, while tenants and occupant will typically welcome natural light, they are not always so enthusiastic about letting in […]