There are two things I know about your company:

  1. Your company has a roof.
  2. Your company will spend anywhere from $70,000 to $2,225,000 in the next 5 – 15 years on a new commercial roof that they don’t need. This expense is completely avoidable.
    What would you do with the money you would save by not replacing your commercial roof?

    What would you do with the money you would save by not replacing your commercial roof?

How do I know this? From working with 1000s of companies with roofs ranging in size from 5,000 sq. ft. to over 1 million sq. ft., every single business we’ve ever looked at has unnecessarily wasted money. This money is almost never budgeted for and is always avoidable.  

We’ve also found that there is lots of resentment towards roofing companies because of “Roofers” who promise them everything after a bad storm comes through and then vanish once done leaving companies with poor workmanship and no way to correct it with the “warranty” they were given.  We’ve found companies who don’t want to have services done because the last roofer they had come “fix” their roof, came out multiple times and they are still leaking!  We’ve had one customer tell us they had a small clogged drain that needed to be resealed and was told by a roofer that he needed a whole new roof!

Our BEST customers are those who are open to saving thousands!   At NIR, “Your Roof’s Care Is Our Concern®” is more than our motto.  We are Focused on extending the life of your commercial roof as long as possible, all while providing outstanding customer service.   Through the creation of the NIR Roof Care Plan® NIR will extend the life of your roof by 100%.  The National Roofing Association recently stated that commercial roofs are being replaced with 30% of the usable life left. Companies are losing money they could have reinvested into their business.  Commercial Roof Care with a NIR Roof Care Plan® is your answer.


Let a NIR Certified Commercial Roof Care Specialist show you exactly what you need to be worry free!

Let a NIR Certified Commercial Roof Care Specialist show you exactly what you need to be worry free!

Case Study  – One customer came to us, asking for a bid on a new roof that they had just acquired funding for from their lender.  This was an unexpected expense that they were not prepared for. To get the funding, they had to take out a line of credit they didn’t want to take out, but they knew they had to or their production machines could be damaged and/or they couldn’t meet their customer deadlines from leak damage.

Our NIR Certified Roof Care Specialist® drove his Company Owned Mobil Service Unit to his property, spoke to him briefly to get a history of their roof, and then prepared a NIR Roof Care Plan®. Our Plan extended the life of their roof until it was replaced… at close to 40 years old! Had he chosen to not maintain, he would have been looking for another lender to pay for another roof already!

The end result, the customer did NOT have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, they also did not have to take on the debt for the loan to do this. Their roof was “good as new”, their cash flow was freed up and they went back to focusing on their money priorities.

Don’t forget – Since most businesses don’t know when their roofs need to be replaced – Most businesses replace their roofs with 30% of their life still left.  This is just like taking your company’s hard-earned money, piling it up and setting it on fire.  This is completely avoidable! It is financially irresponsible to not take 15 minutes to find out how you can avoid this problem. 


Would you like to know the state of your roof? Would you like to know if there are any major problems with your roof and how they can be avoided? Our typical customer saves between $70,000 to $6,000,000 in unnecessary expenses. Would you like to know how much you can save?

Are you willing to invest 15 minutes to find out?

If you like to take action and are concerned about your roof or just want to add profit to your bottom line (like “found money”), then we have a no-cost, no obligation inspection we can do if you allow us to.  Let me send a NIR Certified Roof Care Specialist®  to your company and prepare a NIR Roof Care Plan®for your building. You will know that the only way we will even speak of replacing your roof, is if there are no other options that make financial sense.  

From this inspection you will walk away with a detailed plan with photos that will clearly tell you:

  • How much money you will save and how much time you have to gain!
  • What the state of your roof is.
  • The implications of doing nothing vs having a plan in place for your roof.

Fill out the form below or call us at 800-221-ROOF (7663) and get started today!



Saved our hospital thousands!

“When I moved into this position about three years ago, we already had a NIR Roof Care Plan in place.  I’d worked with many vendors in my previous job experience, but wasn’t familiar with this plan.  From the first visit, our roofer Brett and his NIR Team were great to work with.  I quickly realized that even though our roof was in bad shape, NIR and this plan was going to save our hospital thousands. 

Brett is great too. He is my main point of contact and I can call him directly at any time.  I can always depend on him to get out here quickly.  He knows what the hazards/legal ramifications of leaks in patient rooms or over costly equipment. He gives our hospital priority service.  Last Spring, when our roof is typically at its worst, I contacted Brett in the morning about a leak in a particular room.   I had to call him back two more times that day for new leaks in other areas and each time, he was here quickly to ensure we were taken care of.

At our NIR Roof Care Plan, he fixes issues so they don’t become costly expenditures later on. He catches leaks before they happen. If he finds a small leak, he will even take care of that too. I never have to question what he’s done at each visit either.  I don’t just get a report.  Brett also sends me photos before and after so I can literally see exactly what he did.  He then takes the time to thoroughly explain each photo to make sure I know exactly what is going on up there.

NIR consistently delivers very good service, is dependable and performs great work.  I would highly recommend them to other companies.”   ~John H., Environmental Director

NIR explained things in a very down to earth way!

“Mr Bolden is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain any issues he finds. He also does it in a way that you can understand and explains why an issue occurred, what steps need to be taken to prevent an issue from occurring in the future.” ~Anthony S, Chief Engineer

NIR takes the confusion out of Commercial Roofing!

“Thank you, Jason for your excellent communication skills and follow-up. You have taken all the confusion out of our business relationship, frankly, you are the reason that we currently do business at all with NIR. Thanks for turning things around. You are much appreciated.” ~ Confidential Customer

NIR saves customer thousands and proved quote from Commercial Roofing Contractor wasn’t needed!

“WOW!!! Raul did such a great job. Not only do the roofs & gutters look great, it was wonderful to receive such a detailed report when the service was completed. With photo evidence to back up the report. Nice job Raul and NIR Roof Care! I will be more than happy to recommend NIR Roof Care!” ~ Melanie R., Property Manager