REFLECTIVE ROOF SYSTEMS OFFER OBVIOUS ENERGY SAVINGS? We have done some articles in the previous editions regarding white roofs vs. black roofs and the debate that continues based on who you ask. It is assumed the debate will continue for years to come and codes will change and technology will “dramatically” improve the quality of […]

MONEY OVER YOUR HEAD! Preventive Maintenance Roofing

MONEY OVER YOUR HEAD. There was a time when roofs were not a maintenance item. That was before single ply roofs and all the new advances in materials to care for them were introduced into the roofing industry. But the days of neglecting your roof are over and are no longer thought of as a […]

2015 Roofing Code to Cost Owners Even More Money

2015 ROOFING CODE CLARIFICATIONS TO COST BUILDING OWNERS EVEN MORE $MONEY$ During the code hearings for the 2105 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), an important clarification was added for commercial roofing systems. This clarification features new definitions for re-roofing activity to make it very clear that almost every commercial re-roofing project must be upgraded to the […]