What Causes Roof Decay? 

Low sloped roofs are much like a patch quilt. They are compiled of material being connected with other pieces of material to create one continual piece. Just like your favorite quilt, your roof will wear out over time. Here are a few of the biggest factors in the deterioration of your roof: Thermal Mechanical Movement […]

R-value vs. LTTR

With the movement to be more “green” and environmentally conscious, the rules are quickly changing when it comes to the building envelope. From the walls to the floors, ceilings to parking lots, it is much desired to reduce the carbon footprint one building at a time. So, when it comes to commercial roofing, there have […]

Falling Ice Creates Major Problems for Commercial Buildings  

At this point, nearly all buildings have several inches of thick ice sitting beneath the layers of snow that can become dangerous once it begins to melt.  “Unless you are prepared for this, it can happen before you know it,” said Brett Polhill, Superintendent and Safety Director at NIR Roof Care, Inc. Ice is about […]

White Roof Doesn’t Always Equal Cool Savings for Owners

Over the past 15 years, reflective or “cool” roofs have been promoted as an effective way for building owners to save energy and lower utility costs while reducing a building’s carbon footprint. The belief that white roofs are always the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient choice is widely accepted. The use of white roofing is even […]

When Is The Right Time To Start Caring For Your Roof? 

You are aging, you cannot deny it. Every day takes its toll on you, little by little. Because nobody wants to get old, we do things to delay the inevitable – we eat right (some of the time), exercise regularly (or occasionally) and see our doctors for check-ups to be sure that we have no […]

Thermal Imaging

Infrared thermography has become a popular technology for maintenance and engineering managers seeking fast, reliable, and non-destructive testing in institutional and commercial facilities. Whether used to inspect electrical systems or mechanical equipment for heat-related failure, infrared technology is being successfully applied in a growing number of operational areas. A facility’s low-slope roof is one such […]

Simple Solutions to Complex Roofing Problems: Black vs. White Roofing 

In this era of continued rising energy costs and concerns about the environment, choosing the right roofing system is often a complex problem that contractors, architects, building owners and specifiers face. The simple solution to this challenge has somehow evolved to be: “White is always right.” The white roof bandwagon has gained so much steam, that some […]

What is the Right Thermal Scan for My Roof?

Thermal imaging alone cannot verify the presence of moisture or the leak’s location. Technicians should use alternative test method such as a moisture meter or a destructive core sample, to confirm the problem. Infrared also cannot find the exact penetration on the roof surface alone. What a thermal scan CAN do is locate the affected […]

What You Should Know About Your Cement Roof Deck?

When it comes to roof decks, you probably don’t pay much attention to what is underneath your roof membrane. Just like roof membranes, there are a variety of different types of decks that provide support and stability to the roof system as a whole; metal, concrete, gypsum and even wood. Some come precasted, while others […]

Do Roof Coatings Really Work?

Roof maintenance is important for protecting the asset that is most essential for keeping tenants dry and preventing water intrusion from above. An important component of this asset management strategy is regular roofing replacement. But unexpected problems often arise. What if an 8- or 10-year-old roof starts leaking but is not budgeted for replacement for […]

What & Why Should I Know About Roof Caulks and Sealants?

Let’s talk about the caulk and sealants on your roof (insert yawn here). While this may not be the most interesting topic to review, there are some things that owners, managers and engineers alike should be aware of.  Not all caulk and sealants are created equally and there are some significant variations in durability and […]

What is Good & Not So Good About My Roof Warranty?

Everybody loves a warranty. Why wouldn’t you want a guarantee on something that you just spent yours or your company’s hard earned money on? And, in times when budgets are tight and every dollar counts, you need to make sure you are not only getting the best deal today, but the best value down the […]

How Do I Select The Correct Roof Coating for My Roof?

What Coatings are there? ASPHALT COATINGS: Asphalt cutbacks are bituminous products thinned with a solvent to aid application. Manufacturers add aluminum pigments to the topcoats for reflectivity, while other modifiers can enhance strength, longevity and thickness. Fiberglass fibers or strands can provide additional reinforcement. Asphalt emulsions are similar to cutbacks but use water as a carrier […]