Commercial Roofing and the Swiss Army Knife – What do they have in Common?

Since it was designed in the 1880s by Swiss inventor Karl Elsener, the simple, portable Swiss Army Knife has been a staple in every military branch, fishing toolbox, boy scout handbag, survivalist backpack and so on.  It’s a single object, with numerous uses that came from one powerful idea. The only major structural change from the original […]

“The Article” – The Company will form itself around the Article

“Your Roof’s Care is Our Concern®“ At NIR, we are FOCUSED on caring for and extending the life of your Roof, all while providing outstanding services. “NIR Roof Care Plan®“ Your NIR Roof Care Plan® will reduce Roof leaks by 50% and increase the life of your Roof by 100%, all with a return on investment […]

Stop Throwing Your Money Away on Commercial Roof Replacement!

Stop Throwing Your Money Away on Commercial Roof Replacement! You could save $70,000 to $2,225,000 in 5 years . . . There are two things I know about you: You have a roof You will spend anywhere from $70,000 to $2,225,000 in the next 5 – 15 years on a new commercial roof that you […]

Skylights need extra care!

SKYLIGHTS – Let The Light In, But Keep The Water Out! Exposing the Secrets to Maintaining Your Skylights How can allowing warm natural light into a building space not be a great addition to a building space? Well, while tenants and occupant will typically welcome natural light, they are not always so enthusiastic about letting in […]