Why Is Your Commercial Roof’s Care Our Concern?

Commercial Roof Care – A Constant Concern

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Commercial Roofs don’t deteriorate all of a sudden.

Constant exposure to water, sun, wind, and cold temperatures all create thermal me­chanical movement, causing wear and tear.

Regular maintenance and taking care of minor problems will prolong the life of a commercial roof.  Most commercial building owners have many things to take care of, and their building’s roof is not high on their priority list. However, once there is a roof leak, the roof becomes their number one priority. They will then contact a roofing company, and the building owners often wind up spending a lot more money than they need to.

Manufacturers have multiple factories running 24 hours a day with distribution centers all over the world. They have to sell roofing materials to stay in business. Although they position themselves as a solution with a list of licensed roofing contractors to take care of your problem, the fact is that they need to sell roofing materials or their companies will go out of business. They create roofing licenses with roofing contractors and require them to buy materials or have their licenses cancelled.

Consultants sell their professional services as independent third parties with expansive reports, yet do not fix your roof. They seem like they know more than the roofer does, but they have never actually installed a roof. They work with manufactur­ers to promote their materials. They are often biased to certain manufactures and regularly recommend a small group of roofing companies to get bids from. This does not result in the best deal for the building owner.

 Old line roofers want to sell the highest price solution to make the most money. This is not the best way to buy a roof. They may have a service department and send out a foreman to fix a leak when he is not installing a new roof where the real money is made. A different guy comes back each time there is a leak, and it takes time for him to get up to speed and learn about the specific roof on which he is working.

 A Certified Roof Care Specialist is the answer to extend the life of your buildings’ roofs by maintaining them, not replacing them. Roofs are not immobile. They expand with the heat of the day and contract when the sun sets. Roofs move, expand, and contract every single day. Your roof needs to be regularly inspected and maintained. Its thermal mechanical movement requires your roof to be closely monitored, with Certified Roof Care Specialists performing the necessary roof care to keep the roof in as good condition as possible.

“Your Roof ’s Care Is Our Concern” is what NIR is all about.

  • We work for you.
  • We take care of your roof, keeping it viable as long as possible.
  • When the time comes to replace your roof, we give you the best value along with a new service agreement to care for your new roof.
  • We will always take good care of your roof. We know that when we do just that, we are taking good care of you!

You are the reason NIR is in business and we want you to know we will always put your money to its best use.