Want to have a really Green Roof?  It’s time to “Rethink Your Roof’s Care®”!

Want to really have a Green Roof?  It’s time to “Rethink Your Roof’s Care®“!  The Environmentally Responsible Roof Care Company “Leading the charge on Environmental Responsibility since 1988”  What is a Green Roof in Commercial Roof Care? NIR Roof Care® was founded in 1980 by Timothy K. Lynn and for the first 8 years the focus […]

Guarding Your Commercial Roof Against Thermal Shock

From our roads to our roofs, mother nature’s damage hits many of our budgets.   If you own or manage a commercial building, understanding how weather affects your commercial roof is essential.  Hot days then cool nights, summers then winters can be very hard on a roof, especially one that is already showing signs of wear […]

Considering Coating your Commercial Flat Roof? Make sure you know what you are doing!

Before considering a complete replacement for your commercial flat roof, a commercial roof coating could restore your waterproof barrier between the elements and your company.  Choosing the correct product and applying correctly are essential to avoid costly mistakes.   How Do I Select The Right Roof Coating for My Flat Roof? What Coatings Are There?  […]