Skylights need extra care!

SKYLIGHTS – Let The Light In, But Keep The Water Out! Exposing the Secrets to Maintaining Your Skylights How can allowing warm natural light into a building space not be a great addition to a building space? Well, while tenants and occupant will typically welcome natural light, they are not always so enthusiastic about letting in […]

NIR Roof Care is a Nationwide Commercial Roofing Company

NIR is excited to announce the opening of its newest Service Routes: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania            Phoenix, Arizona              Cincinnati, OH              Sacramento, CA               NIR also serves Illinois, Wisconsin, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Dakota, New Mexico, Texas, Indiana, and […]

Commercial Roofing – How NIR Roof Care Began!

HOW IT ALL BEGAN!!!! Many people know that NIR Roof Care, Inc. is the premier commercial roofing company in the Chicago area.  It is also the fastest growing Roof Care company in the country! Here is some background on how it all got started, as well as how it has always been in the forefront […]