Commercial Roofing – How NIR Roof Care Began!

HOW IT ALL BEGAN!!!! Many people know that NIR Roof Care, Inc. is the premier commercial roofing company in the Chicago area.  It is also the fastest growing Roof Care company in the country! Here is some background on how it all got started, as well as how it has always been in the forefront […]


ROOFING ADVICE THAT SAVES YOU MONEY Sometimes the most important advances in sustainable materials can happen using some of the most ordinary products. Cover boards have been used with flat roof systems for decades, starting with hot-mopped and torch-applied asphalt systems to protect the underlying roof from damage during installation. However, when single-ply roofs started […]

Some Commercial Roof Care Advice

SOME COMMERCIAL ROOF CARE ADVICE Preventative maintenance programs, comprehensive roof plans, roof management, regularly scheduled roof investigations, PM’s: there are a number of ways that roofing contractors look to articulate and market their interpretation of the ongoing needs of a commercial roof. Regardless of whatever new and cool marketing jargon anyone uses, it comes down […]