UV Damage and Your Roof

Light is a spectrum, and only part of it is visible to the naked eye. About 10 percent of that spectrum is composed of invisible UV rays, otherwise known as ultraviolet radiation. You’ve probably worried about the damage UV rays can do to your skin while tanning on North Ave. Beach in Chicago or on […]

Simple Solutions to Complex Roofing Problems: Black vs. White Roofing 

In this era of continued rising energy costs and concerns about the environment, choosing the right roofing system is often a complex problem that contractors, architects, and building owners face. The old rule of thumb when choosing between black and white roofing was “white is always right”, but now, empirical data is causing many authoritative […]


How long do you depreciate a roof? Under current law, the roof depreciation life schedule for commercial roofs is 39 years, even though the lifespan of said roof is 17 years. That gap makes it difficult, nearly impossible, for businesses to recover investments in roofing systems. Because of this, the team at NIR recommends taking […]