R-value vs. LTTR

With the movement to be more “green” and environmentally conscious, the rules are quickly changing when it comes to the building envelope. From the walls to the floors, ceilings to parking lots, it is much desired to reduce the carbon footprint one building at a time. So, when it comes to commercial roofing, there have […]

White Roof Doesn’t Always Equal Cool Savings for Owners

Over the past 15 years, reflective or “cool” roofs have been promoted as an effective way for building owners to save energy and lower utility costs while reducing a building’s carbon footprint. The belief that white roofs are always the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient choice is widely accepted. The use of white roofing is even […]

When Is The Right Time To Start Caring For Your Roof? 

You are aging, you cannot deny it. Every day takes a toll on you, little by little. Because nobody wants to get old, we do things to delay the inevitable – we eat right (some of the time), exercise regularly (or occasionally) and see our doctors for check-ups to be sure that we have no […]