Thermal Imaging

Infrared thermography has become a popular technology for maintenance and engineering managers seeking fast, reliable, and non-destructive testing in institutional and commercial facilities. Whether used to inspect electrical systems or mechanical equipment for heat-related failure, infrared technology is being successfully applied in a growing number of operational areas. A facility’s low-slope roof is one such […]

Simple Solutions to Complex Roofing Problems: Black vs. White Roofing 

In this era of continued rising energy costs and concerns about the environment, choosing the right roofing system is often a complex problem that contractors, architects, building owners and specifiers face. The simple solution to this challenge has somehow evolved to be: “White is always right.” The white roof bandwagon has gained so much steam, that some […]

What is the Right Thermal Scan for My Roof?

Thermal imaging alone cannot verify the presence of moisture or the leak’s location. Technicians should use alternative test method such as a moisture meter or a destructive core sample, to confirm the problem. Infrared also cannot find the exact penetration on the roof surface alone. What a thermal scan CAN do is locate the affected […]