Do Roof Coatings Really Work?

Roof maintenance is important for protecting the asset that is most essential for keeping tenants dry and preventing water intrusion from above. An important component of this asset management strategy is regular roofing replacement. But unexpected problems often arise. What if an 8- or 10-year-old roof starts leaking but is not budgeted for replacement for […]

What & Why Should I Know About Roof Caulks and Sealants?

Let’s talk about the caulk and sealants on your roof (insert yawn here). While this may not be the most interesting topic to review, there are some things that owners, managers and engineers alike should be aware of.  Not all caulk and sealants are created equally and there are some significant variations in durability and […]

What is Good & Not So Good About My Roof Warranty?

Everybody loves a warranty. Why wouldn’t you want a guarantee on something that you just spent yours or your company’s hard earned money on? And, in times when budgets are tight and every dollar counts, you need to make sure you are not only getting the best deal today, but the best value down the […]