What is Good & Not So Good About My Roof Warranty?

Everybody loves a warranty. Why wouldn’t you want a guarantee on something that you just spent yours or your company’s hard earned money on? And, in times when budgets are tight and every dollar counts, you need to make sure you are not only getting the best deal today, but the best value down the […]

How Do I Select The Correct Roof Coating for My Roof?

What Coatings are there? ASPHALT COATINGS: Asphalt cutbacks are bituminous products thinned with a solvent to aid application. Manufacturers add aluminum pigments to the topcoats for reflectivity, while other modifiers can enhance strength, longevity and thickness. Fiberglass fibers or strands can provide additional reinforcement. Asphalt emulsions are similar to cutbacks but use water as a carrier […]