Achieve Your New Year’s Budget Goals

Every business has one budget goal: “Make more money than last year!” It’s basic business 101! However, a lot of businesses find this goal easier said than done. Make roof care a priority, and you can easily add $70,000 to 3,000,000 to your bottom line in just a few minutes! It’s so easy it’s literally like […]

3-Step “Worry-Free Winter” Roof Survival Plan

Can Your Roof Survive the Winter? Have you ever left a can of soda pop in the freezer too long?  It’s pretty disgusting! Well, the same principles of expanding water and extensive damage apply to your leaky roof.  Extreme temperatures in the Midwest cause severe and unpredictable winter storms.  There is no way of knowing […]

Want to have a really Green Roof?  It’s time to “Rethink Your Roof’s Care®”!

Want to really have a Green Roof?  It’s time to “Rethink Your Roof’s Care®“!  The Environmentally Responsible Roof Care Company “Leading the charge on Environmental Responsibility since 1988”  What is a Green Roof in Commercial Roof Care? NIR Roof Care® was founded in 1980 by Timothy K. Lynn and for the first 8 years the focus […]