How long do you depreciate a roof? Under current law, the roof depreciation life schedule for commercial roofs is 39 years, even though the lifespan of said roof is 17 years. That gap makes it difficult, nearly impossible, for businesses to recover investments in roofing systems. Because of this, the team at NIR recommends taking […]

Snow Melts, Leaks Felt!

As temperatures fluctuate during winter and spring, flat roof leaks from winter snow can become a major concern. Commercial roofs are prone to leaks and water damage that halt business operations, and when left unattended can result in emergency roof repair. Learn how to reduce your risk of roof leak from winter snow, and contact […]

How to Safely Remove Snow From a Commercial Roof

Worried you have too much snow on your roof? During the winter, knowing how to safely remove snow from a commercial roof can save you from issues and possible flat roof repair. Learn the warning signs for when it’s time for roof snow removal, and work with NIR, your trusted roofing company near you. Roof […]