Roofer Installing a Commercial Roof

How Long Does it Take to Install a Commercial Roof?

Commercial roof installation is an immense job for Chicago-area businesses and roofers alike. Not only is roof installation expensive, but in some cases, it can affect your business if the building needs to be closed for repairs. It’s understandable then that many Joliet-area business owners want to know how long it takes to replace a […]

Is Preventative Maintenance on your Commercial Roof Tax Deductible?

  When it comes to commercial roofing, performing preventative maintenance and small repairs are preferred to an entire roof replacement. Not only is it more cost-effective, but commercial roof preventative maintenance also leads to the betterment of your business, making it more profitable. With the current tax law business owners can write off roof maintenance […]

Which is the right choice for my Commercial Flat Roof? TPO or EPDM?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked.  With NIR’s goal of extending the life of your Commercial Flat roof, this is a question with many factors to consider.  We put together this helpful article to help all of our building owners and managers understand the pros and cons of both to […]