NIR Roof Care is a Nationwide Commercial Roofing Company

Nationwide Commercial Roofing Expansion

Nationwide Commercial Roofing Expansion

NIR is excited to announce the opening of its newest Service Routes:

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania            Phoenix, Arizona              Cincinnati, OH              Sacramento, CA              

NIR also serves Illinois, Wisconsin, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Dakota, New Mexico, Texas, Indiana, and Georgia!  NIR is a Nationwide Commercial Roofing Company with local service routes.  If you don’t know what NIR Roof Care is all about, click here to see our quick fun video.  Since 1980, NIR has been the industry leader in teaching smart commercial owners to save thousands for pennies. 

We’re very confident that our program will save your company money.  Call or Click today to receive a free NIR Roof Care Plan, 25 Point Inspection that includes a complete health check (with photos) of your company’s commercial flat roof. Make sure that you are getting the best care for your roof.  We want to ensure your commercial roof will last as long as possible. Simple corrections to your commercial roof along the way can save you significant costly leak repair costs.  Don’t forget, you wouldn’t have leak repairs to pay for on the inside of your building either! Correcting small problems before they become big problems is the key!

Another benefit of having a NIR Roof Care Plan is having the same Roof Care Specialist come to your company every time.  A consistent person will remember you, your company’s protocol, how your company uses your building and will be able to forecast for your company’s budget. Our Roof Care Specialists each have between 10-30 years of commercial roofing experience and have all completed the NIR University Program.  This program ensures that you will always have the best customer service that NIR is known for.

We’re excited to show your company or managed property what thousands of other Hospitals, Educational facilities, Municipalities, Large and Small Businesses, Hotels, and more know. NIR is the Nationwide Commercial Roofing Company you’ve been looking for who only has your interests in mind.

Get your Free Inspection today at 800-221-ROOF (7663) or click here to get a quote now!

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