The-AsYouGo-Plan_03We know that sometimes “red tape” prevents you from signing into an agreement with a vendor. Sometimes you might not feel comfortable putting your signature on the dotted line just yet.  NIR Roof Care developed the “AsYouGo” Roof Care Plan just for you.

With this plan, you’ll experience many of the benefits of being a member without signing a thing. Much like your visits to the dentist, a customer service member will conveniently schedule your initial visit with the “doctor.” After addressing the identified roof decay during your initial visit, your designated professional will provide you detailed reporting and schedule your “follow-up” visit right on the spot based on the needs of your roof at that time.    

Member Features & Benefits:

  • A trained, experienced, uniformed, foreman assigned to each visit to your property.
  • No signature required
  • Conveniently scheduled visits based on the type, age and size of your roof to address predictive roof decay and prevent emergency occurrences.
  • Written roof inspections and detailed condition report.
  • 24-hours a day, 7-days a week priority emergency service for added security to building contents and occupants.
  • Budget forecasting for planning of future capital expenditures and spend tracking to keep operating expenses at budgeted amounts.
  • If under existing warranty, basic inspection requirements will be met and value maximized through objective identification of failing materials and poor workmanship techniques.
  • Promotional and special pricing offers throughout the year.