Extended Warranty & OSHA Compliance

NIR Roof Care is proud to present our NIR Extended Roof WarrantySM and OSHA Roof Compliance ProgramSM as two new products available to ANY Commercial company.

Contact us today for a quote on a  NIR Extended Roof WarrantySM!

This warranty, sold in one-year increments, will cover all Roof leaks (outside of Acts of God) and include a minimum of two service visits a year.  Contact us today to find out how you can extend the life of your roof and have piece of mind!

Contact us today for a quote on an “OSHA Roof Compliance ProgramSM”!

Do you have a lot of foot traffic on your roof?  Does your staff know what to do to ensure the safety of your staff or vendors?  Find out today what NIR can do to ensure you are meeting the greatest of OSHA standards.


Let us show you what your Certified Roof Care Specialist® can do to protect you and your company!

Your Roof’s Care is Our Concern®