Commercial Roofing Services

NIR does more than just roof repairs and maintenance visits – we offer a number of other services that don’t necessarily fall under a RCP visit. Here are some other interesting services NIR provides.

SIS Proposals

Satellite Imaging System Proposals utilize satellite photography to map out your roof to provide you with the best quote possible, BEFORE even sending someone up on your roof! We take your roof’s exact measurements to give you the best price.

Roof Coatings

Before considering a complete roof replacement, a roof coating could restore the waterproof barrier protecting your building. A certified Roof Care Specialist® can help you find the roof coating that works the best for your roof.

Roof Replacement

NIR only wants to replace your roof when it’s absolutely necessary. We do everything we can to extend the life of your roof for as long as possible. If your roof does need to be replaced, we are with you every step of the way. Click here to learn more about NIR Roof Replacements.

Thermal Imaging

When inspecting your roof, a Roof Care Specialist® uses infrared technology to pinpoint leaks and water damage that may be invisible to the naked eye. This helps stop leaks before they turn into expensive repairs. Learn more about NIR thermal imaging here.

Green Roofing

According to the EPA, over 40 million tons of roofing waste ends up in US landfills every year. To reduce environmental impact, NIR engages in a number of “green” roofing practices. We use reflective materials to reduce radiant heat and keep buildings cool. Plus, we opt for environmentally-friendly and recyclable materials whenever possible.