Preventative Maintenance – Six Benefits for Your Roof

As a Chicagoland consumer, it is logical to want to spend the least amount of money possible. It doesn’t make sense to throw away your hard-earned cash on things that are trivial or unnecessary. You want to make sure you’re making the right spending choices – saving money in one area to have more resources in another. Roof preventative maintenance, however, is a necessary investment and something worth taking into consideration when it comes to your commercial flat roof. 

Read more about roof preventative maintenance below to increase the lifetime of your roof and to avoid emergency roof repair. You can even inquire about our Certified Roof Care Specialists to get a personalized roof inspection of your Chicagoland, Rockford or Joliet property. 

Roof Prevention Maintenance Benefits

Getting roof preventative maintenance ensures that your roof lasts as long as possible. Taking care of minor issues before they become expensive problems is not only cost-effective, but it also ensures the safety of your employees, tenants, and your property. Read our tips below: 

1: Lower repair costs

Every time your commercial roof needs repair, that’s more money out of your pocket. With preventative maintenance, not only do you reduce the number of repairs needed and avoid emergency roof repair, but you also reduce the cost of repairs. This is because the severity of the roof problem will be significantly less, and thus simpler and less expensive to fix.

2: Improve the life of the roof

Many consumer products on the market today are not designed to last. The same shouldn’t be said about your commercial roof. You want your roof to last as long as possible, which is why preventative maintenance is crucial. A roof can’t handle an unlimited number of repairs, and it won’t last forever either. With regular checkups, your roof will be kept in the best shape possible for the longest – but reasonable – amount of time.

3: Increase value (selling)

Say you’re looking to sell your property, or pass it along to the next generation to continue your business. A roof in poor condition is a deal-breaker! No one wants to buy or inherit a building with a leaky roof. Cosmetic issues with your roof will also turn away potential property buyers or customers looking to do business. How will you be able to take care of your customers if you can’t take care of your roof?

4: Increase safety and reduce insurance rate

An unsafe building will cost more for you to insure. When your building’s roof is damaged and leaky, it is dangerous for both employees and customers to inhabit. Being able to include roof preventative maintenance in your insurance claims is peace of mind you can’t afford NOT to have.

5: Improve efficiency

Think about how you take your car in for regular oil changes and tire rotations. The oil in your engine acts as a coolant, lubricant, and cleaner, and keeps your car running efficiently. Your tires keep your ride smooth, even, and safe. These maintenance services are necessary to keep your vehicle running smoothly. If you don’t do this regularly, your engine falls into disrepair and the life of your tires is shortened. The same principle can be applied to your roof’s care. Without preventative maintenance, your roof won’t regulate temperature or protect everything inside your building the way it’s meant to.

6: Reduce service/repair time

Every time you go to the store to buy groceries, you know where everything is because you’ve shopped there many times before. With regular maintenance inspections, your Roof Care Specialist® knows what to look for and will become familiar with your roof’s layout and unique needs. This cuts down on the time needed to service your roof to allow you to get back to making money.

Commercial Roofing Repairs

If one of our Certified Roof Care Specialists determines that your roof needs repair or maintenance, we’ll show you the affected areas and discuss a plan with you to get the repairs done quickly:

NIR Commercial Roofing Repair

Repairing a commercial roof in Chicago or Crystal Lake requires extra care and attention to detail. Since commercial rooftops have a larger square footage than residential roofs and are mostly flat, special consideration must be given to water spots, the weight of equipment, and roofing materials. See how the NIR Roof Care will repair your commercial roof below:

  • Damaged Roofing Materials: The NIR Certified Roof Care Specialists will inspect your roof for any cracked, torn, or broken roofing materials. If we’ve identified a problem area we will inspect your roof to see if there is further damage and then replace it with the same or similar roofing materials. 
  • Damaged Flashing: Flashing is a thin material – usually metal – that is placed around areas where the plane of your roof meets a vertical object. If your flashing is cracked or damaged we’ll replace it for you and inspect the area to ensure that there is no further damage.
  • Deteriorating Vent Booting: Roof vents look like small pipes that protrude from your commercial rooftop. They’re used to vent out excess moisture to prevent mold and decay. Over time the booting seal will decay and crack, when that happens our team will replace the booting so your building stays mold-free. 
  • Water Spots: Commercial roofs are susceptible to water pools from rain and snow. If your roof is damaged by water spots, we’ll replace that section to ensure the water damage doesn’t spread and your team or tenants stay safe. 
  • Gutters/Downspouts: Functioning gutters and downspouts are especially important for commercial rooftops. We’ll inspect each to ensure they’re attached properly and free of debris. If your gutters or downspouts are damaged, we can replace those as well. 
  • Leaks: If you suspect or have a leak in your roof, our team will inspect the area and perform a flood test to identify it. Once we’ve found the affected area, we’ll check for water damage and make the necessary repairs to stop the leak at its source. 

Trust NIR Roof Care With Your Roofing Maintenance & Repair

Sometimes it takes spending a little money now to save you tons of money in the future. Without investing in preventative maintenance, your roof care will cost you more in repairs and replacements than what is necessary. A NIR Roof Care Plan® covers all your bases when it comes to preventative commercial roof maintenance, from routine inspections to small repair jobs to keep your roof healthy. What’s more, our services can double the remaining life of your roof, which saves you money from having to get your roof replaced. Getting a quote or scheduling an inspection from NIR is easy. Just click here to fill out a request form and a representative will be in contact with you to show you how NIR can help. 

Don’t wait until you need emergency roof repair after you’ve become an NIR customer, get the roof maintenance you need at your fingertips with the NIR Mobile® app! Available in the Google Play store and the App Store, you can contact our team, request a quote, schedule service, and even leave feedback from your experience! Trust NIR Roof Care with all your commercial roofing needs!


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