Want to have a really Green Roof?  It’s time to “Rethink Your Roof’s Care®”!

Want to really have a Green Roof?  It’s time to “Rethink Your Roof’s Care®“!  The Environmentally Responsible Roof Care Company “Leading the charge on Environmental Responsibility since 1988”  What is a Green Roof in Commercial Roof Care? NIR Roof Care® was founded in 1980 by Timothy K. Lynn and for the first 8 years the focus […]

Commercial Roofing – How NIR Roof Care Began!

HOW IT ALL BEGAN!!!! Many people know that NIR Roof Care, Inc. is the premier commercial roofing company in the Chicago area.  It is also the fastest growing Roof Care company in the country! Here is some background on how it all got started, as well as how it has always been in the forefront […]