Roof Replacement

NIR Roof Replacement


How does NIR stand out from the rest? We will never recommend that you replace your roof unless it’s absolutely necessary. If the time comes when your roof needs to be replaced, you can trust us to provide you with a brand-new roof that will last for decades.


Our specialty is commercial flat roof replacement and we have over 40 years of experience in the industry. Our Roof Care Specialist® are knowledgeable and well-versed in all the major roofing systems. We meet with you to customize your perfect roof and keep you up to date on all the progress along the way. You will love your new roof! We even provide one free year of our Roof Care Plan® services with every roof replacement.


when does your roof need replacement?


We try to avoid replacements, and will help you make your current roof last as long as possible. Our experienced Roof Care Specialist®s will meet with you to discuss determining factors such as your roof’s age, condition and if any preventative maintenance has been preformed on it. We will come with samples of roof materials, examples of our previous replacements, and several different replacement options. Replacing your roof is a huge investment, and our expert Roof Care Specialist® will guide you through the process to make sure you know what type of roof works best for your building and your budget.


Why Choose NIR?


At NIR our bread and butter is preventative maintenance, so we won’t recommend an unnecessary replacement. We also don’t have any contracts or deals with manufacturers or consultants. That means all of our recommendations are unbiased and customer focused. NIR Roof Care Specialist®s are very knowledgeable about the latest innovations in roofing technology including green roofing, thermal imaging, cool roof technology and much, much more.


Once it’s determined a new roof is needed we will do what it takes to replace it right away. It is important to do the replacement as soon as possible, so you don’t risk costly water damage to your, interior, insulation, and roof deck.


Guiding You Through Your Replacement


Before the project begins, we will discuss all the fine details of the re-roof with you. We will make sure our job can be done quickly, smoothly and without interrupting your daily work schedule. You will be presented with a proposal that will explains the cost of the project and the scope of the work.


Our Roof Care Specialist®s will send you daily reports allowing you to easily track your re-roof progress. We also encourage you to visit the site and see the work in person. We want to make sure you are happy with our work and you know what’s happening every step of the way.


When the re-roof is complete you will receive one year of our preventive maintenance NIR Roof Care Plan® free of charge! We also work with you and your budget to help manage the cost of the new roof. NIR Roof care has over 40 years of industry experience and has won the Turner Construction “Outstanding Performance Award”. We know you will be happy with our work, but just in case something goes wrong, we also offer a warranty on your new asset.


NIR is OSHA Compliant


NIR has always been concerned about safety. Along with everything else we provide we will also send you a detailed, OSHA compliant safety plan. Our safety rating is very high, and we take pride in keeping our workers and your rooftop safe.


Your New Roof is Waiting for You! Let’s Get Started!


Call us today at 800-221-ROOF (7663) to get started now. Your new roof and free year of our preventative maintenance Roof Care Plan® is waiting for you. Let the NIR Roof Care commercial roofing experts take care of it and you can enjoy worry-free roofing.