Roof Guardian Warranty

NIR offers an attractive warranty package for customers seeking more comprehensive roof warranty coverage or whose roof
is no longer under its original warranty. Roof Guardian is a customized product that takes the hassle out of managing a roofing
asset and provides total peace of mind.

While most roof warranties only cover defective materials and errors in workmanship, the Roof Guardian Warranty provides
an extra layer of protection for the entire roofing system. NIR is committed to offering its customers the highest level
of service and quality. Our 42 years of roofing experience enables us to effectively design a custom Roof Guardian Warranty
package for any roof structure.


The Roof Guardian “Existing Roof” Warranty eliminates owner burdens:

The Roof Guardian Warranty includes a comprehensive roof management program.
The Roof Guardian Warranty covers material, labor, and the entire roofing system.
The Roof Guardian Warranty provides single source responsibility, including all maintenance and repairs.
The Roof Guardian Warranty assures prompt response from NIR Certified Technicians within 24 hours.
If a leak occurs, an NIR Certified Technician will respond within 24 hours and solve the problem, free of charge.
There are no hidden costs of any kind with the Roof Guardian Warranty.
The Roof Guardian Warranty eliminates all customer maintenance and record keeping.


Manufacturer’s warranties have severe limitations and requirements:

You must perform regularly scheduled maintenance as spelled out in the “small print”.
Most warranties cover only defective materials, not the entire roofing system.
Required maintenance must be performed, at your expense, by independent subcontractors.
In an emergency, you have little, if any, assurance of quick response from factory subcontractors.
If a leak occurs, you are required to examine the roof to determine the source of the problem.
Be prepared for the unexpected and possibly high costs hidden in your existing warranty.
All required maintenance must be performed in a timely manner logged with records kept on file.